Why Prescription Sunglasses Should be Part of Your Eyewear Collection

Do you have prescription sunglasses? For those who wear corrective lenses, prescription sunglasses can offer numerous benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting prescription sunglasses at your next visit to the optometrist. OptiExpress provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, a gallery of designer frames, and a one-hour onsite lab.

While transition lenses – eyewear that shifts from clear to darkened in the sunlight – are becoming increasingly popular, people don’t typically invest in prescription sunglasses for a variety of reasons, many of which might not be entirely sound. Here are a few reasons why prescription sunglasses are great additions to anyone’s eyewear collection.

  • Prescription sunglasses are largely inexpensive. Transition lenses are highly convenient, tech-forward vision correction and protection tools, but they can be quite expensive for the average consumer. Polarized prescription sunglasses with UV protection and anti-reflective coatings start at approximately $20. However, be aware that if you opt for progressive sunglasses, the average cost starts at roughly $110. (Progressive lenses are lenses that allow for near, mid-distance, and distance viewing.)

  • Prescription sunglasses are convenient. The majority of people who require vision correction have their prescription glasses and a pair of non-prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses allow people to enjoy vision correction when outdoors and – most importantly – while driving.

  • Prescription sunglasses are great even for people who wear contact lenses. Contact lens wearers might wear non-prescription sunglasses with their contacts, but there are certain environments where contact lenses shouldn’t be worn, like at the beach or when swimming. Prescription sunglasses offer vision correction and proper UV protection in all outdoor conditions.

  • Prescription sunglasses come in a variety of styles. Prescription sunglasses can be acquired in nearly any glasses style except curved lens wraparound styles, which are limited in their prescription range capability. Prescription sunglasses are available in aviator styles, oversized fashion frames, wayfarer styles, or any frame design you can imagine.

  • Prescription sunglasses can be obtained in any prescription. Except for wraparound styles, sunglasses can come in a wide range of prescriptions, including progressive lenses. You can even get reader sunglasses for when you want to enjoy a good beach read!

  • Prescription sunglasses offer great UV protection. Persistent exposure to UV rays can lead to numerous eye conditions, from damaging the delicate skin of the eyelids and around the eyes, to making the eyes susceptible to macular degeneration, to cataracts and even certain cancers. When looking for prescription sunglasses, make sure the lenses offer 100 percent UV protection. Additionally, polarized sunglasses offer extra glare protection, which can help relieve the discomfort of being outdoors in the bright sunlight.

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