What's New?


Alcon has just released a new generation antibiotic for conjunctivitis (pink eye). It is a fluroquinolone and is called moxeza. It is effective against many gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It has the added benefit of just twice a day dosage compared to four times a day for the older generation antibiotic eye drops. The eye doctors at optiexpress have alot of experience treating eye infections and appreciate having this powerful, new antibiotic to treat our patients.


New digital progressives are becoming more well-known to our patients as a way to increase their peripheral vision at distance. These lenses use computer-generated optics to create aspheric curves on the periphery of the lens that maximize the optics uniquely for each individual optical prescription. Ask our optometrists if these new lenses might be right for you.

In Fashion

There are several new trends in the fashion eyewear industry. Right now, retro-look frames are popular. This can be seen in the thicker, large plastic frames, particularly in colors like black and dark brown. Rimless eyewear is also remaining popular, especially with colorful and dramatic temple treatments. Finally, plastic frames in general are also quite popular, and are available in many bright colors, with blue being the number one color.