What Style of Glasses Works for You? Tips for Selecting Fashion-Forward Eyewear

Wondering what type of eyewear best suits your personal style? The following article discusses the different selection of frames you might consider when choosing your next pair of glasses. OptiExpress is Fort Myers’s go-to optometry center, helping diverse patients optimize their ocular health in a comfortable, family-friendly setting.

Not everyone’s eyewear fits their clothing style and grooming choices. If you haven’t updated your frame style since your last – or first – eye exam, you may not be aware that there is a whole world of beautiful and style-forward options for you to choose from. Not only can they offer a polished finish to your general look, but they might also even provide a better fit, improving your vision and overall comfort. But how to select the right frames for your face, wardrobe, and image?

Fortunately, you don’t have to necessarily select a single pair of glasses – you can have multiple pairs (and sunglasses, of course), each providing a unique statement for an assortment of sartorial choices. If you aren’t sure how to select the right style of eyewear for you, here are a few tips.

Classic is good. Retro… not necessarily.

Classic eyewear styles include rimless and semi-rimless frames, tortoise shells, flat-top, and Wayfarer eyeglasses – they’re all reminiscent of a previous era without being aggressively dated. Bolder classic styles include Aviator and Clubmaster styles (Clubmaster eyeglasses are square-framed with a bold rim across the top – reminiscent of 1950’s eyewear). They create visual interest when worn with a neutral or complimentary wardrobe.

However, there is a risk that certain vintage eyewear styles will appear costume-y. Cat’s eyeglasses, for example, can look downright cartoonish (remember The Far Side?). However, you can ensure your look stays fresh and contemporary by selecting frames that are designed with a subtle nod to a particular decade, rather than glasses that look exactly as though they were worn in 1963.

Eyewear should be an accent.

When it comes to bold eyewear styles – brightly colored frames or Roger Stone-Esque circular rims — you need the confidence to carry it off and a wardrobe that doesn’t make a competing statement. Big, glamorous glasses paired with quirky attire could give the impression of a child playing dress-up, rather than an expression of personal style.

Make sure your eyewear suits your profession.

Accessories can transform a look, and they can make a statement about your personality, values, and lifestyle very effectively. Decide exactly what you want your eyewear to communicate before you make your final decision about what style frames you’d like to buy. Your career objectives will help you significantly in this regard.

You can afford to make brave fashion decisions when you work in a creative industry, but if you’re a CPA, for example, you might want a more conservative frame or a frame that can easily transition from conservative to stylish depending upon the wardrobe. Gold wireframe eyeglasses – elegant and delicately framed glasses that compliment any look – are simultaneously on-trend and completely classic.

Find a suitable fit.

Regardless of your preferred eyeglass style, if they don’t fit, they won’t do you any favors either optically or aesthetically. Before deciding which style eyewear you’d like to try, visit an optometrist to perform your measurements so that you can make sure you maximize your field of vision and that your glasses fit your face without slipping or causing discomfort.

Wearing a beautiful pair of glasses that compliment your face and style can help give you a more polished appearance. If you are a part of the Cape Coral or Fort Myers Florida community, stop by OptiExpress and discover how gorgeous eyewear can help improve your appearance and confidence.

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