What is the Correct Age for Contact Lenses?

What is the Correct Age for Contact Lenses?

Many children who wear glasses look forward to a time when they can switch to contact lenses, but it can be a challenge for parents to determine the right age. While there is no definitive age when a person is ready to bear the responsibility of contact lenses, there are a few things parents should keep in mind before allowing their child to make the leap from glasses to contacts.

Some mild vision impairments may be corrected, or improved, by wearing contact lenses.

There have been numerous studies indicating that certain types of contact lenses – known as Rigid Gas Permeable or RGPs – may help slow the growth of the eye, which may inhibit further development of nearsightedness (myopia). These lenses are designed specifically to facilitate a temporary reshaping of the cornea, and to address mild but progressive nearsightedness. They may be used on patients as young as 8-years-old.

Contact lenses require scrupulous sanitizing to be worn safely.

If your child isn’t fastidiously clean, then wearing contact lenses responsibly may be a challenge. Contacts must be kept sterile, and if your child can’t be relied upon to wash her hands thoroughly or keep a tidy room, then she might not be ready for contact lenses. If your child routinely loses, breaks, or scratches her glasses, then she likely won’t properly care for contacts.

Contact lenses are good for athletic children.

If your child is a part of a sports team, then you should consider contact lenses. Contact lenses are safer than eyeglasses, as they allow children a greater range of visibility, eliminate the risk of broken glasses, and allow for the wearing of protective eye gear.

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