Trouble Adjusting to New Glasses? Here’s What you Need to Know

If you’ve never worn glasses before, wearing a new pair of corrective lenses comfortably may take a bit of time. However, if you struggle to adjust to them for a week, there could be problems with your prescription. The following article discusses why you might have trouble getting used to your glasses, and when you should see your optometrist. OptiExpress offers the South Florida community an exceptional and comprehensive eye care resource, providing complete eye health services, a wide selection of designer eyewear, an on-site one-hour lab, and compassionate and highly experienced eye care professionals. To learn more about our services and for details about our special offers, please visit our home page.

Brand new glasses – especially if you’ve never worn glasses before – take a day or two to get used to. Here are a few issues that might affect your comfort:

  • Your eyes feel strained
  • There are distortions in your field of vision as you grow accustomed to your new lenses
  • You have trouble determining the distance of objects
  • Your glasses frames do not feel comfortable on your face

There is a natural period of adjustment with new eyewear – it generally resolves by itself, but you may want to try different frames if your current ones slip or pinch your nose in a distracting manner. However, certain issues indicate problems that should be addressed directly. If you’re still struggling to wear them comfortably after several days or longer, you may need to check with your eye doctor. Here are a few signs that all is not well with your new corrective eyewear.

  • Headaches. A slight headache isn’t uncommon with new glasses. However, persistent head pain should be addressed by your eye care specialist. If your glasses are causing pain beyond brief eye strain, this could be due to ill-fitting frames putting pressure on your nose or behind your ears, or an incorrect prescription.

  • Dizziness. Dizziness isn’t unusual if your eyewear is correcting astigmatism or if you are getting used to progressive or multifocal lenses. Nevertheless, dizziness that doesn’t resolve could indicate a problem with the accuracy of the prescription.

  • Nausea. Sometimes new glasses can trigger a sensation of motion sickness due to lens distortions. An optician can check if your lenses might be the cause of your issue.

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