The Hottest Eyeglasses for Women: 8 Fabulous Frame Styles for 2020

Whether you’re wearing glasses as a fashion statement or because you need corrective lenses, the frame style can help you make an unforgettable statement. The following article discusses eyeglasses trends for 2020, and how they can accentuate your face and style. OptiExpress is South Florida’s most trusted eye care center, offering comprehensive eye services and a huge variety of designer eyewear.

If you want a style refresh, a new pair of fabulous eyeglasses could simultaneously be the easiest option and pack the most dramatic punch. Here’s a breakdown of some of the trendiest frame styles we expect to see in 2020, and which face shape and style they suit best.

  1. Round eyeglasses. Round eyeglasses are a bold design, and we can expect to see them in abundance in 2020. Simultaneously professional and youthful, round glasses are an excellent shape for people with square faces or sharp features, because they offer a softening contrast.

  2. Vintage frames. Vintage frames are eyeglasses that incorporate a classic construction into the style of the eyewear. This eyewear style has a retro aesthetic – i.e. an aggressively square frame or horn-rimmed spectacles – that may also be combined with modernistic elements that give off a subtle steampunk vibe.

  3. Cats-eye glasses. While cats-eye glasses can be costume-like when poorly designed, when they’re subtle they convey an unmistakable aura of femininity. Additionally, they can come in an assortment of shapes – they’re not necessarily the highly slanted frame of yesteryear, so no matter what your face shape is, you can find a pair of cats-eye glasses that flatter you.

  4. Browline glasses. Browline glasses give off a mid-century vibe – think Buddy Holly, Mad Men and Burt Lancaster. While we may associate these frames with men, they are also a highly effective style choice for women and can look equally arresting paired with highly tailored, vintage suits or fun floral dresses. These are heavy-framed along the top and often frameless below, though the frame doesn’t necessarily break. They can be multiple shapes, but they’re typically best suited to square and cat-eye frames. They are a bold statement and are wonderfully suited to professional environments.

  5. Tortoise shell glasses. Tortoiseshell glasses refer more to the tortoise color scheme than the shape of the frames. This is a fluid mix of golden, deep green, and rich brown tones that suit a variety of styles.

  6. Oversized frames. Oversized glasses call Jackie O to mind – they’re largely associated with women’s fashion frames, but men’s fashion is increasingly embracing oversized styles. Not only are they flattering to a variety of face shapes, but they’re also highly practical for corrective lens wearers since they offer a large field of vision.

  7. Rimless glasses. These are wonderful for a variety of applications and are particularly suited for the professional atmosphere. They are light, classic, subtle, and flatter every face shape.

  8. Hipster frames. “Hipster” frames can encompass a wide variety of styles – from retro to heavy browline to cats-eye. The distinction lies in the boldness of color, the slight exaggeration in design, and the fact that they largely are not corrective. While some may be for reading, they are all for the fashion-forward

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