Selecting an Eye Doctor in Ft. Myers

Choosing the right eye doctor for you can be a challenging task. If you’re selecting an eye doctor in Ft. Myers, here are a few tips to consider to ensure you find the best optometrist in Ft. Myers, Florida. For more than twenty years, Dr. J. Michael Witherington OD has been among South Florida’s leading eye care specialists, winning awards for “Best Eye Doctor in Cape Coral” and earning glowing testimonials from his diverse network of patients. OptiExpress provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, a gallery of designer frames, and a one-hour onsite lab.

If you’re selecting an eye doctor in Ft. Myers, you might think that visiting Yelp for the best-reviewed options in your neighborhood can be the extent of your research. However, choosing an eye doctor in Ft. Myers (or anywhere, for that matter) requires due diligence to make sure you choose an optometrist with all of the correct qualifications.

Whether you’re choosing an optometrist in Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, or anywhere in Florida, here are a few considerations you should make.

Where can I find the best eye doctor in Ft. Myers?

It is difficult, if not impossible, to determine who is the absolute best eye doctor in Ft. Myers, Florida. However, you can find the best eye doctor for your needs by taking a few things into account. Firstly, consider the distance from your home to the eye care center. Consistent eye exams are critically important not only for clear and healthy vision, but also for good overall health. Ideally, you’ll want an optometrist within a reasonable distance to ensure visits aren’t unduly inconvenient. Even this simple consideration can ensure consistent visits and eye exams, whereas an eye care center that is a 45-minute drive from your home or workplace may be too inconvenient for you to visit regularly, putting your eye care in jeopardy.

Additionally, the best eye doctor in Ft. Myers for your eye care needs will be appropriately credentialed and licensed. Check with your local board to ensure the eye doctor you choose has all of the proper qualifications to perform your needed eye care services. If you need optometry services, make sure the eye care specialist you’re visiting is an actual optometrist, and not merely an optician. Moreover, if you need an ophthalmologist, make sure your eye care provider has the board certification to perform surgical procedures and provide medical diagnoses.

Finding a great eye doctor in Ft. Myers shouldn’t be a challenging task — OptiExpress has been South Florida’s most trusted eye care resource for more than two decades, providing family-friendly services to patients ranging from comprehensive eye exams to one-hour onsite lab services. To schedule an appointment for an eye exam, please visit our contact page today!