Progressive Vs. Transition Lenses – What You Should Know

Progressive lenses and transition lenses are both fantastic tools for enhancing and preserving your vision. But what is the difference between the two? The following article discusses progressive and transition lenses, what they correct, and who can benefit. OptiExpress is Ft. Myers’s leading eye care provider, helping patients maintain and improve their vision and ocular health.

Although progressive lenses and transition lenses both seem to be all the rage in the world of eyewear, they are fundamentally very different products designed to address different concerns. If you don’t know what either progressive or transition lenses are, here is a breakdown of their functions.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are designed to clarify both close and distance vision. While bifocals are essentially two different lenses on top of each other with a clear line of demarcation in the middle, progressive lenses do not have this abrupt line; the lens is constructed to allow for a gradual shift in lens strength, so your eyes can adjust easily and comfortably.

Progressive lenses are an improvement over bifocals due to their ability to facilitate clear viewing throughout the entire visual field. With standard bifocals, the wearer would have to tilt their head back, adjust their glasses, and squint to achieve clear vision. With progressive lenses, all the viewer has to do is shift their eyes.

Transition Lenses

Unlike progressive lenses, transition lenses are not corrective lenses; they are glasses that employ technology to darken in sunlight – providing instant UV protection – and lighten indoors. They essentially eliminate the need for separate corrective or non-corrective sunglasses, since you get the benefit of sun protection in a single pair of eyewear.

Transition lenses are a great option for people who want the ease and convenience of a single set of eyeglasses for both indoor and outdoor wear.

At OptiExpress, we offer a large selection of progressive and transition eyewear, including options combining the two features. If you think that light-adjusting transition technology is right for your lifestyle and needs, then please visit our eye care facility to view our large selection of eyewear options.

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