New Year, New Look! Five Great Frames to Greet the New Decade

Eyeglasses don’t have to be boring – these women’s frames are every bit as alluring, exciting, and interesting as any fashion accessory. If you want to make a statement in the new year, here are five fantastic eyeglass frames that will give your style a modern boost. OptiExpress offers comprehensive eye care services and a one-hour on-site lab in addition to a wide variety of designer eyewear. To see a list of services, our eyewear gallery, or to view our great special offers, please visit our home page.

If your style could use rejuvenation, why not start with your eyeglasses? Whether you wear prescription lenses or just want a new look with a pair of well-designed sunglasses, here are a few bold ideas for giving yourself a fashion refresh.

  • Vintage eyeglasses. Okay – it’s a new year and you want a modern new look, so why go for vintage glasses? Eyewear that has been influenced by a previous era can have an entirely modern feel, especially when the design has been given a slight twist. Square lenses, in particular, offer a structured and contemporary feel to any wardrobe.

  • Oversized glasses. If you’re looking for a seriously stylish statement piece, oversized frames may be the way to go. Acetate frames are particularly popular and come in a variety of shapes, colors and color patterns. Two-color styles are especially fashion-forward for 2020.

  • Browline glasses. Browline glasses are not only great frames for hip casual attire, but they also make a fantastic transition to business professional wear, too. What makes them especially appealing is the fact that they flatter every face shape.

  • Transparent glasses. Clear acetate – with a bold accent color – is one of the most intriguing eyewear styles of 2020. They’re particularly flattering on tan and deep skin tones

  • Round frames. If you have an oval, rectangular, square, or oblong face, round frames can give the balance of your features while being highly stylish. This is a great choice for women with a feminine, flowy, or bohemian style.

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