Makeup and Contact Lenses: Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

If you wear eye makeup and contact lenses, you might trigger significant contact lens and eye health issues if you don’t follow certain guidelines. The following article discusses how you can be sure you’re taking the proper precautions when wearing eye makeup and contact lenses. OptiExpress provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, a gallery of designer frames, and a one-hour onsite lab.

It can be incredibly irritating to get makeup in your eyes, but getting makeup in your eyes while wearing contact lenses is considerably worse. Makeup particles can become stuck to the contacts rather than being washed out via tear production, which can contaminate lenses in addition to being highly uncomfortable. Here are a few tips that can help you make sure your eyes stay moisturized, healthy, and makeup particle-free.

  • Insert your contacts before putting eye makeup on. This helps ensure eyeshadow and other particles don’t accidentally fall into your eye as you put in your lenses. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before putting in your contacts to make sure you don’t have any residual skin care products on your fingers when you touch your lenses.

  • Make sure your eye makeup is non-allergenic. Non-allergenic makeup is less irritating to the eyes and is less likely to trigger tearing or other reactions.

  • Avoid loose powdered eyeshadow, if possible. Water-based cream eyeshadow is not only less likely to fall into your eyes, it is less irritating than oil-based pigments.

  • Don’t apply eyeshadow powder with eyes open. If you don’t like cream eyeshadows, make sure you apply your powder shadow with your eye closed. This minimizes the risk of powder particles transferring into your eyes. Use a clean brush to brush any excess powder that may have collected in your eyelashes before opening your eye.

  • Only apply eyeliner to the outside of the eyes. Applying eyeliner to the inner rim of your eye puts your lenses at risk of makeup transfer. Always put eyeliner on the outside eyelash line.

  • Use eye makeup remover after removing your lenses. Carefully take out your lenses after thoroughly washing your hands, and then remove your eye makeup in your normal way.

  • Replace all of your eye makeup every few months. Bacteria can grow in eye makeup products over time, which can lead to an infection if it gets into your contacts. This is especially true of mascara, since it’s in a closed container.

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