Is It Time to See the Eye Doctor? Yes – And Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Visit

It’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but they’re far more than that. They are very often windows into our personal health. While periodic eye exams are important to maintain our vision and address any specific eye problems that may diminish our sight, they’re also important for spotting health problems before they progress or become symptomatic.

If you haven’t had an eye exam for awhile (or ever), here’s how you can make sure your visit is as productive and comfortable as possible.

Prepare Yourself for Your Visit

In order to ensure an efficient and effective eye exam, it’s important to prepare yourself appropriately so that your visit goes smoothly. Here are a few things to consider before your appointment.

  • Make a “lifestyle” list. Your work, hobbies, and overall lifestyle significantly affect both your visual health and the strategies you should use to maintain it. Tell your optometrist about your daily routine. Do you spend your working hours staring at a computer screen? Do you do a lot of driving? Let your optometrist know if you experience a great deal of eye strain throughout the course of a normal day.
  • Specify your current health concerns. Let your optometrist know if you have any medical conditions, allergies, or are taking any supplements or medications.
  • Switch from contact lenses to glasses before your exam. If you wear contact lenses, you may want to stop wearing them a day or two before your appointment, so that your corneal measurements will be as precise as possible.

At OptiExpress, we take pride in providing comprehensive eye care, helping patients manage and overcome eye concerns that compromise their quality of life. If you would like to schedule an eye examination, please visit our contact page to find an OptiExpress location near you.