How to Apply and Remove Your Contact Lenses

Knowing the right way to apply and remove your contact lenses is incredibly important for maintaining your eye health. Here are a few guidelines for putting in contact lenses in order to preserve your lenses and keep your eyes healthy. OptiExpress provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, a gallery of designer frames, and a one-hour onsite lab.

If you are new to contact lenses, here are a few basic guidelines for contact lens wear that will help protect your eyes and your lenses.

To apply your contact lenses:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Do not use moisturizing soaps that leave an oily residue on your skin after rinsing, since this residue can stick to your lenses and degrade them over time, and may also irritate your eyes. Moisturize your hands after installing your lenses.

  • Shake your lens case before opening it to make sure your lenses aren’t stuck. Pulling a stuck lens from the case may tear it. If you discover that your lenses are slightly stuck, just close the case and shake it gently again to dislodge them.

  • Gently put the lens into the palm of your hand. Don’t put your contact lens into your eye immediately after retrieving it from the case. Make sure you rinse your lenses in the palm of your hand with fresh solution before applying them.

  • Make sure your fingers are dry before installing your lenses. Put you contact lenses on the tip of a dry index or middle finger, because this will help prevent the lens from slipping.

  • Hold your eyelids open with your opposite hand. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently hold your upper and lower lids while installing your lenses.

  • Place your lenses on the whites of your eyes. While staring either upwards or forwards, place the lens on the white of your eye closest to the outer rim nearest your ear. You then close your eye and roll your eyes in a circular fashion to position the lens properly. If it is properly positioned, your eyes should be comfortable and you will be able to see clearly.

To remove your contact lenses:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Even though you may be tired and just want to go to bed, it’s still important to make sure your hands are thoroughly clean before taking out your lenses. Bacteria and other particles on your hands can stick to your lenses and flourish in the case, making your eyes vulnerable to infection.

  • Place a clean microfiber towel in and around the sink before removal. This will protect your lens if you drop it accidentally during removal.

To remove soft contacts:

  • Gently hold your eyelids open. Use the index or middle finger of your opposite hand to move the lens towards the white of your eye closest to the outer edge. Then use your index finger and thumb to pinch the lens away from your eye.

To remove gas permeable/hard contact lenses:

  • Stare-Pull-Blink. Hold out your hand underneath your eye. Lean forward, open your eye as wide as you are able, stretch your eyelids open and outward using your opposite hand, and then blink, which will cause the lens to pop out into your extended hand.

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