High Definition Progressive Lenses: What Are They, and Why Do I Need Them?

While there is a wide variety of corrective lens options on the market, high definition progressive lenses may offer the best features of any external vision correction solution. Here is an overview of high definition progressive lenses, and why they might be able to deliver superior corrective power. OptiExpress offers a broad selection of corrective eyewear – from contact lenses to designer frames – from its Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida eye care centers.

High definition progressive lenses – how can a pair of eyeglasses be high definition?

High definition lenses, also called digital lenses or HD lenses, are corrective eyeglass lenses that are fabricated specifically for your eyes using a digital scan. Each pair is unique and tailored to the wearer’s needs at the time of evaluation. This maximizes the corrective power of the lenses and can help the wearer’s vision even surpass the 20/20 vision mark!

High Definition Progressive Lenses – What Are the Benefits?

High definition lenses differ significantly from traditional lenses in that they offer vision correction without the lens distortion typical of standard eyeglasses. When you put on a pair of traditional eyeglasses, the lens shape causes warping along the perimeter of the frame. High definition lenses use technology that allows the frame to be cut with superior precision so that there is almost no distortion and a clear and sharp field of vision.

High definition lenses are particularly good for people who require vision correction for multiple distance zones. High definition progressive lenses deliver a dramatically increased field of vision – more than 40 percent wider than traditional glasses. This contributes to the ease with which wearers can transition from close to distance viewing.

Personalized Corrective Lenses, Designed for You and Only You

With a crisp and clear field of vision throughout the frame, precise customization to your visual needs, ease of transitioning from reading to distance viewing, and a thin, sleek and stylish lens design, high definition progressive lenses offer superior vision correction in a beautifully designed package.

OptiExpress: Providing the Fort Myers and Cape Coral Communities with Exceptional Eye Care Services

OptiExpress offers comprehensive eye exams, a wide selection of designer frames, and high definition progressive lens fabrication on-site at our one-hour digital lab. If you want fast, friendly, and affordable eye care service in the Cape Coral or Fort Myers community, please don’t hesitate to visit our eye care center today!