1 Hour Eyeglasses, High Definition Progressive & Polarized Glasses in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers

Glasses are a classic vision corrector and protector – they not only offer ease and flexibility; they are also a stylish fashion accessory you can personalize and adjust to your tastes and lifestyle.

While most people wear some form of eyewear – prescription glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, or safety glasses – not everyone makes a strategic selection based upon lens type or quality. At OptiExpress, we can help you choose the best glasses for your eye care needs. Here are some of the designer eyewear options we offer at our locations in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

Calvin Klein

Sleek and chic, Calvin Klein’s iconic style combines future-forward construction with classic design. With captivating pigmentation, bold lines, and sophisticated, minimalist architecture, Calvin Klein eyewear epitomizes refinement, culture, and elegance.


An exemplar of luxury, audacity, and unabashed creativity, Gucci has continually redefined style for nearly a century. Gucci eyewear is always fresh, always exciting, and always makes an unapologetic statement.

Dolce and Gabbana

The Dolce and Gabbana aesthetic represents sensuality and delicacy – from exquisite detailing to purity of design. Its eyewear line is defined by distinctive detailing and supreme all-occasion wearability.


Versace eyewear is the embodiment of glamour. With atypical frame shapes, brazen pigments, and unsurpassed craftsmanship, Versace offers just the right amount of sparkle, a touch of vintage soigné, and a ton of contemporary indulgence.


The Prada brand typifies exclusivity and allure, and its eyewear collection is every inch a symbol of modern prestige. Prada glasses are the ultimate in unconventional yet exceptional optical accessories.


Ray-Bans represent quality, craftsmanship, and timeless style. From James Dean’s Wayfarers to Audrey Hepburn’s tortoise shells, Ray-Ban glasses exemplify flair, polish, and just a little rebellion.

Tom Ford

Unconventional and always fashion-forward, Tom Ford eyewear combines the élan and timelessness of the Hollywood Golden Age with the energy and flash of the Instagram Age.

OptiExpress: Designer Eyewear and One-Hour Digital Lab On-Site

At OptiExpress, we’re proud to provide the services of certified eyecare professionals and a one-hour digital lab in a family-friendly atmosphere. We offer fantastic packages for corrective lenses, glasses, and eye exams. To browse our selection of designer eyewear or have a comprehensive eye exam performed, please visit our Fort Myers or Cape Coral office today!