Does Your Child Need Glasses? Here’s How to Know

Poor vision can affect a child’s school performance and overall health. The following article discusses ways you can determine whether or not your child needs corrective lenses. OptiExpress is Cape Coral’s and Fort Myers’s leading optometry center, helping diverse patients manage their ocular health in a state-of-the-art, family-friendly setting.

While children’s vision continues to develop throughout their first 10 years, your child may still need prescription glasses to improve certain eye conditions, strengthen their overall vision, or correct vision in a single under-developed eye. It is important to address potential vision problems as early as possible, since poor vision can have a detrimental effect on academic achievement which could take years to rectify. Here are a few of the signs your child could require corrective lenses.

  • Your child squints even when there is no glare. We all squint when there is a bright light shining in or near our eyes, but if you notice your child squinting in comfortable light conditions, he or she may need an eye exam. The act of squinting can slightly improve vision and focus on an object when there is a refractive error.

  • Using smartphones extremely close to the eyes. Needing to view objects close-up could be a sign of myopia, or nearsightedness.

  • Headaches or eye pain. If your child suffers from frequent headaches or eye pain, it could be a sign that he or she is experiencing significant eye strain in order to improve visual focus throughout the day.

  • Closing one eye, or crossed eyes. When a child covers one eye to improve vision clarity, this could be a sign of a condition called amblyopia – or lazy eye. Lazy eye is a common condition in children, and can be corrected if addressed early. When untreated, there is a risk of permanent vision loss in the affected eye.

  • Excessive rubbing of the eyes. Frequent eye rubbing could be symptomatic of several conditions, including eyestrain from prolonged exposure to computer, TV, or smartphone screens, eyestrain from overexertion due to myopia, or possibly an eye infection or allergy. If your child begins rubbing his or her eyes excessively, visit an optometrist as soon as possible.

  • Poor concentration at school. The classroom environment requires fast visual adjustment from near to far in order to absorb and retain information. Children switch from the work on their desks to problems on the chalk or whiteboard quickly, and an inability to adapt could cause your child to experience significant difficulty. If your child struggles at school, is distracted, or has difficulty concentrating, your child could require vision correction.

OptiExpress – Offering Cape Coral and Fort Myers Communities Comprehensive Eye Care Services

A comprehensive eye examination is critical to identifying and correcting any potential vision problems early. If you suspect your child is having vision difficulties, please stop by our eye care center for a full suite of eye tests.

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