Do Your Contacts Make Your Digital Eye Strain Worse? Here’s What You Need to Know

You have spent more time in front of video screens than there are hours in a day. (Or, at least it feels that way!) While you might be familiar with digital eye strain symptoms, do you think your contact lenses might be making your digital eye strain worse? Before you participate in another video call, here’s what you need to know about eye fatigue and your contact lenses. OptiExpress provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, a gallery of designer frames, and a one-hour onsite lab.

Although there might be some benefits to working from home and attending classes from home — including not having to get dressed, easy access to the refrigerator, and spending more time around the family — there might be a few costs to take into consideration. Spending multiple, uninterrupted hours in front of a digital screen, whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, can put your eyes at risk for digital eye strain.

If you wear contact lenses, you might be particularly sensitive to the symptoms of digital eye strain, because they can cause noticeable irritation and require you to remove and lubricate your lenses more frequently. The following tips can help you combat digital eye strain if you wear contact lenses.

  • Make sure your contact lens prescription is up to date. If your prescription isn’t up to date, new contact lenses might exacerbate your eye strain. Even extremely minor changes to a contact lens prescription can make a significant difference in comfort. Moreover, you want to make sure that your contact lenses provide the best possible fit for optimum vision correction.
  • Think about changing to a different contact lens design. Corrective lens technologies are constantly evolving. The newest designs and materials maximize comfort. If you haven’t upgraded your contact lenses in a while, now might be the time!
  • Consider wearing blue light protection. Blue light blocking corrective or non-corrective lenses can help keep your eyes comfortable, and even reduce the effects of digital eye strain. While blue light blocking glasses are very common, many corrective contact lenses offer blue light protection as well. Talk to your optometrist to find the best solution for your lifestyle and vision.
  • Take breaks. Periodic breaks away from a computer screen can help relieve digital eyestrain, just so long as you’re not taking a break from your computer to go look at your smartphone! A good rule of thumb is to take a break every 20 minutes to look add an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  • Schedule regular eye exams. Your eye care professional can provide you with tips, techniques, and tools that can help alleviate digital eye strain. Most importantly, he or she can rule out other, potentially serious, eye conditions.

OptiExpress offers an exhaustive assortment of eye care services, designer eyewear, and corrective lens options. If you are experiencing digital eye strain, please visit one of our South Florida eye care centers for a comprehensive examination.

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