Prescription Contact Lenses and Exams in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

If you prefer the convenience of glasses-free vision correction, then contact lenses may be the best solution for your eyesight concerns. With prescription contacts, you don’t ever have to worry about misplacing or breaking your glasses, and prescription contacts may even offer more effective vision correction if you have astigmatism or require a high prescription.

At OptiExpress, we can help you determine if corrective contact lenses are right for you and your lifestyle. With our low-priced contact lens exams, we can identify your level of refractive disorder and fit you with specialized lenses that address your individual optical concerns.

Why Contact Lenses?

You may choose to wear eye contacts for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Contacts do not have obstructive frames, and give the wearer a natural field of vision.
  • Contacts aren’t as affected by environmental issues, like rain or fog.
  • Contacts do not have to be removed when participating in sports or other vigorous activities.

Modern corrective lenses can even address vision concerns previously only corrected by eyeglasses, such as presbyopia or other multifocal issues. Contact lenses can offer sharp vision correction even if you need bifocal, trifocal, or even “progressive” lenses (lenses that do not have distinctive lines of demarcation for viewing distances, but allow for multiple prescriptions in a single lens).

OptiExpress: Serving the Cape Coral and Fort Myers Communities

At OptiExpress, we take pride in delivering patient-focused, compassionate, and comprehensive vision care, and helping the members of our diverse community achieve optimum eye health. If you are in the Florida communities of Cape Coral or Fort Myers and would like to be fitted with prescription contact lenses, please don’t hesitate to visit our eye care center today.