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Need an Eye Exam in Ft. Myers? OptiExpress Offers Complete Eye Care Services to the South Western Florida Community

It’s important to have eye exams performed regularly – not only to monitor the health of your vision but also to screen for potential illnesses and eye health concerns. If you need an eye exam in Ft. Myers, OptiExpress is a convenient, comprehensive eye care provider, offering not only eye examinations and eyeglass prescriptions but […]

The Hottest Eyeglasses for Women: 8 Fabulous Frame Styles for 2020

Whether you’re wearing glasses as a fashion statement or because you need corrective lenses, the frame style can help you make an unforgettable statement. The following article discusses eyeglasses trends for 2020, and how they can accentuate your face and style. OptiExpress is South Florida’s most trusted eye care center, offering comprehensive eye services and […]

High Blood Pressure? Have Your Eyes Checked!

If you have high blood pressure or are at risk for high blood pressure, you should have a comprehensive eye examination to check for ocular damage. The following article discusses the risks of high blood pressure poses for overall eye health and vision. OptiExpress offers comprehensive eye care services and products to the Cape Coral […]

Keeping Your Eyes in Check – Why Eye Health is Important

Although our vision is essential to performing a huge range of tasks, many of us do not actively maintain our eye health by getting regular eye exams. The following article discusses the reasons why having periodic eye exams not only preserves our vision, it helps maintain our comprehensive physical health. OptiExpress is Cape Coral’s premier […]

What’s an Eye Exam? 4 Eye Exam Tests

If it’s been a while since your last eye exam, you may not be familiar with the basic tests that are typically involved. The following article discusses four of the tests you can expect when having your vision checked and your eye health examined. OptiExpress is the leading optometry resource in Cape Coral and Fort […]

What Does a Basic Eye Exam Involve? What to Expect During an Eye Health and Vision Test

Having regular eye exams is critical to maintaining good overall health. Yet many people neglect this essential health service unless they’re experiencing specific problems with their vision. The following article discusses why you should have regular eye exams, and what they involve. OptiExpress offers comprehensive eye care services, helping the Cape Coral and Fort Myers […]

Does Your Child Need Glasses? Here’s How to Know

Poor vision can affect a child’s school performance and overall health. The following article discusses ways you can determine whether or not your child needs corrective lenses. OptiExpress is Cape Coral’s and Fort Myers’s leading optometry center, helping diverse patients manage their ocular health in a state-of-the-art, family-friendly setting. While children’s vision continues to develop […]

Glasses Need an Upgrade? Tips for Finding the Best Eyewear

Shopping for new glasses can be a challenge, but you can find long-lasting, high-quality eyewear once you know what characteristics to seek.OptiExpress is Fort Meyers’s premier optometry resource, helping patients throughout the community improve their eye health in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. Outside of the eyewear design and sales industry, there aren’t that many eyewear […]

What Style of Glasses Works for You? Tips for Selecting Fashion-Forward Eyewear

Wondering what type of eyewear best suits your personal style? The following article discusses the different selection of frames you might consider when choosing your next pair of glasses. OptiExpress is Fort Myers’s go-to optometry center, helping diverse patients optimize their ocular health in a comfortable, family-friendly setting. Not everyone’s eyewear fits their clothing style […]