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What Does a Basic Eye Exam Involve? What to Expect During an Eye Health and Vision Test

Having regular eye exams is critical to maintaining good overall health. Yet many people neglect this essential health service unless they’re experiencing specific problems with their vision. The following article discusses why you should have regular eye exams, and what they involve. OptiExpress offers comprehensive eye care services, helping the Cape Coral and Fort Myers […]

Does Your Child Need Glasses? Here’s How to Know

Poor vision can affect a child’s school performance and overall health. The following article discusses ways you can determine whether or not your child needs corrective lenses. OptiExpress is Cape Coral’s and Fort Myers’s leading optometry center, helping diverse patients manage their ocular health in a state-of-the-art, family-friendly setting. While children’s vision continues to develop […]

Glasses Need an Upgrade? Tips for Finding the Best Eyewear

Shopping for new glasses can be a challenge, but you can find long-lasting, high-quality eyewear once you know what characteristics to seek.OptiExpress is Fort Meyers’s premier optometry resource, helping patients throughout the community improve their eye health in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. Outside of the eyewear design and sales industry, there aren’t that many eyewear […]

What Style of Glasses Works for You? Tips for Selecting Fashion-Forward Eyewear

Wondering what type of eyewear best suits your personal style? The following article discusses the different selection of frames you might consider when choosing your next pair of glasses. OptiExpress is Fort Myers’s go-to optometry center, helping diverse patients optimize their ocular health in a comfortable, family-friendly setting. Not everyone’s eyewear fits their clothing style […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Your vision may be your most valuable of your five senses – here are a few tips for keeping it sharp and healthy for the long term. OptiExpress is Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida’s leading optometry resource, helping diverse patients maintain their ocular health. While most of us are given five senses that help […]

Corrective Lens 101: Finding Your Perfect Eyeglasses

While there is a wide variety of corrective lens options on the market, high definition progressive lenses may offer the best features of any external vision correction solution. Here is an overview of high definition progressive lenses, and why they might be able to deliver superior corrective power. OptiExpress offers a broad selection of corrective […]

Astigmatism 101: What is it, and How is it Treated?

Despite its somewhat intimidating name, astigmatism is quite a common condition, and it can be successfully treated using corrective lenses or surgical intervention. Astigmatism is an ocular condition involving the malformation of either the cornea or the lens. In moderate-to-severe cases, this condition inhibits light from entering the retina efficiently, causing vision to become blurred […]

How Do I Read an Eyeglasses Prescription? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve just received your first eyeglasses prescription you’re probably unfamiliar with the ciphers and terminology. In fact – you don’t understand a thing! Never fear – here’s a primer on vision prescriptions, which will help you better understand your eye health. What do the notations mean? The standard notations for visual acuity seem confusing, […]