Seasonal Eye Health: Maintaining Optimal Optics All Year!

Start your year off right by embracing an all-season visual health routine! Here are some of the things you can do to keep your eyes bright and healthy year-round.

Winter Eye Care

  • Get your diet in check. Every New Year’s resolution includes losing weight or eating right, but start eating nutrient-rich foods – colorful fruits and vegetables – to support your eye health, too.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking is awful for literally every part of the human body, and it can lead to vision deterioration – even blindness.

Spring Eye Care

  • Allergy testing. Your eyes are often your first indicator of the approach of spring. If your eyes are unmanageably watery and itchy, visit your eyecare professional for management strategies.
  • Invest in sports and safety glasses. Warm weather activities and spring cleaning can irritate and even injure the eyes. Wear protective glasses when playing sports, or engaging in home repair or major cleaning.

Summer Eye Care

  • Polarized sunglasses. UV rays are incredibly damaging to the eyes. Polarized, 100% UVA protection eyewear significantly reduces glare, both protecting the eyes and making driving safer.
  • Eye exam. Summer is a great time for your annual eye exam! You can adjust your prescription, or just get a pair of stylish new glasses for the new school year.

Fall Eye Care

  • Get your Halloween color contacts from an optometrist. If you want to wear fun colored contact lenses, make sure they come from a reliable source. Wearing non-prescription contacts from non-reputable vendors like beauty supply outlets can lead to major eye infections.
  • Keep sterile artificial tears on hand. Dry, blustery days can cause eye irritation, and the breeze can blow particles into your eyes. Artificial tears and sterile eye wash can keep your peepers comfortable.

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Are Blue Filter Computer Glasses Right for Me?

If you spend the majority of your working day staring at a computer screen, you are definitely not alone. More than 50 percent of jobs involve computer use, and nearly 90 percent of American homes have a computer. While not everyone is affected by computer use in the same way, according to the Vision Council, almost 60 percent of American adults experience digital device-related eye discomfort. This discomfort can range from temporary eye pain and vision blurriness, to headaches and nausea, and sometimes disrupted sleep.

These symptoms are more than merely annoying – they can lead to a loss of work productivity and can cause moodiness and irritability. What is the most practical and effective solution for computer-related eye strain? Stopping using computers and digital devices would probably be the most effective remedy, but it’s highly impractical, since many of our very livelihoods rely upon our use of technology. Blue filter glasses may offer the most cost-effective relief.

What are blue filter glasses?

Blue filter glasses screen out the uncomfortable blue light that illuminates from digital devices. It’s thought that the constant exposure to artificial blue light may lead to eyestrain and discomfort; by wearing blue light filtering glasses, we may reduce or even eliminate this eyestrain and other issues.

Blue light glasses are especially good for reducing blue light-exacerbated sleep disruptions. When we use computers or any devices with screens before bedtime, we may be preventing our brains from properly winding down by inhibiting the production of melatonin. This is what makes falling asleep difficult. If you have to work or study right up until it’s time to fall asleep, blue filter glasses may help you fall asleep more quickly.

Blue filter glasses and diplopia

If you suffer from diplopia (double vision) and/or sleep disruptions due to constant digital screen exposure, blue light filter glasses may help. However, before you purchase a pair of blue filter glasses to correct a vision problem, make sure you visit a licensed optometrist for a thorough eye exam. OptiExpress offers comprehensive eye examinations to patients in the Cape Coral and Fort Meyers, Florida communities. Come by one of the locations today for a $69 eye exam and designer eyeglasses BOGO deals!

Seeing Double

Seeing Double

There are many different reasons that people see double(diplopia). It can occur from natural eye misalignment from birth, diseases such as diabetes, or trauma.
Fortunately, occasional or full-time diplopia can be resolved with prismatic lenses.
Prisms bend light, and this property is used to deflect light to the eye to eliminate the double vision.
Sometimes eye misalignment can be straightened by using the eye muscles.
Even though there may be no diplopia, often times eye fatigue and headaches can occur when trying to keep vision from going double. Prism can also be prescribed for these situations and often results in dramatic relief from these symptoms.
Binocular vision testing is part of a comprehensive eye examination. At Optiexpress we have the experience to make sure that your eyes work together properly.

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